What are the the advantages and disadvantages of city living over living in the countryside?

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In recent years migration toward the bigger cities has embarked serious concerns about rapid city expansion. While some are advocating the city life others still prefer to live in rural or smaller neighborhoods and both groups have considerable arguments to support their view.

In one hand, being the center of business and commerce make the cities to be a very inviting destination for many professionals. Not only cities offer higher wages and job opportunities but also they usually provide wider range of institutions to learn new skills. On the other hand, over-population as a major result of this trend brings the issue of the over-business and the insufficient personal life. For example, I had to quite my yoga lessons when I could no longer manage to finish my routine tasks because of wasting my limited time in heavy traffics quite often.

The another major impact of moving to cities is the higher life expenses in compare to rural areas. Obviously, the higher demand for the land, the higher rent requests which in some cities it could reach up to %50 of the minimum salary. In contrast, living in small towns could financially advantageous due to the relatively cheaper expenses but it is not necessarily a better investment . For example, the housing market boom happens usually much faster with higher rates in cities which makes it a perfect short term revenue. A condominium unit in downtown Toronto could cost almost a house price in a smaller town but the price jump will soon compensate the expensive price in the first place and double the initial payment in 5 years.

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