The Complete Guide to Task 1 IELTS Writing

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The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing has been written for both beginners and more advanced students of IELTS Writing.

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The student is taken step by step in simple, plain English through all the various stages of writing a 150-word Task 1 essay. The mistakes commonly made when analyzing a diagram are highlighted and more effective, easy to remember, tips are provided to help ensure a higher grade in the exam.

Diagrams include bar charts, line charts, pie charts, tables, processes, cycles, flow charts, objects, and maps. Model answers are provided for each diagram and help explain more clearly what the IELTS examiner is looking for when marking the Task 1 essay.

The Complete Guide to Task 1 IELTS Writing

This book is the result of the interaction between myself and students over the last ten years. It was with them in mind, and the problems they faced when developing their writing skills, that encouraged me to write this book.

Having always believed that “no book is perfect,” I am sure that IELTS — The Complete Guide to Task 1 Writing is no exception, but I hope that with hard work and dedication to success, many other students will benefit from using this book.

As many of my students have now returned from studying abroad with their qualifications, they have no need for this book, but it is to them that I thank for the inspiration that allowed me to turn the beginnings of an idea into a completed book.

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