Listening Answer

  • Answer of Listening Practice Sample 75

    Oriental Studiesnineteen/19BenbradaghSquashA(The) Film ClubDBBD250 kilometres/kmsfifth/5th150 passengerspolice presencedigital text messagesmaps[plentiful] by-productthree/3agricultural wasteelectric power/ electricityDC A60/70 or sixty to seventy160one/1three/3suit the circumstancesso inadequatetwenty-five/25CBDClive performancebest speecheswell nigh impossiblesame number of jobseye-catching and professionalsmall postcard

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  • Answer of Listening Practice Sample 76

    CCABAHBFCIAMIFUR283/ eighty-three7/ seven3 /threea real hitWine Showdownright boringD CABBADCD(seminar) papercrashedrough copy(2000 word) summarya credit1CGCE HC3/three-minute culture/ average person’s concentrationdiscriminating listeningtouchstone

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  • Answer of Listening Practice Sample 74

    AD0C212 897EasterRowntree Roadpassing your test17th/seventeenth9 [and] 11/ nine [and] elevenB A AD FGKBDAtravel abroad4th/fourthtop five/5 studentsend of Maytwentytwo/2DBAD[marked] demographic changetwenty-five/25Italyjust under 7ever-improving standard(widespread) birth controlCCBA

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  • Answer of Listening Practice Test Sample 73

    Questions 1-5 15%/fifteen percent/per centKerrigan127a Adelaide19 7FT797 4882 Questions 6-10 / Physics £25 D B Questions 11-14 11.C 12. B 13. A 14. D Questions 15-20 everywhere on campusgenerosity of volunteersroughly 8/eight hoursvariety of reasonssomeone who cantraining and support Questions 21-23 global employmentThe World Bankmachines replacing people Questions 24-27 24.…

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