Contentions for IELTS

  • High Paid Sports

    sports salaries are too high Sports professionals earn too much money. They do not provide a vital service. Football players…

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  • Increasing Road Accidents

    Causes: Driving while tired or drunk is extremely dangerous. Mobile phones can be a dangerous distraction for drivers. They draw…

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  • Tourism

    Positives of tourism: Tourism is a popular leisure activity. Tourists can relax, have fun, ‘recharge their batteries’, experience different customs…

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  • Advertisement

    Positives of advertising: Companies need to tell customers about their products and services. Advertisements inform us about the choices we…

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  • Globalization

    Positives of globalisation: Business is becoming increasingly international. A global economy means free trade between countries. This can strengthen political…

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  • Crime

    Causes of crime and re-offending: The main causes of crime are poverty, unemployment and lack of education. People who commit…

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  • State Health Systems

    Advantages Good healthcare should be available to everyone for free. State healthcare is paid by the government using money from…

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  • Zoos

    Positives of Zoos >Zoos paly an essential part in natural life preservation >They can secure imperiled species >Zoos enable researchers…

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  • Vegetarianism

    Contentions for >Veggie lovers do not eat nourishment that are created by slaughtering creatures >Many individuals pick a vegan consume…

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  • Animal Testing

    For >Creatures are utilized as a part of imperative logical research >It is important to do therapeutic tests on new…

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