Collocations for IELTS

  • Money Collocation

    Collocation about Money You need to earn money or make money – both of these verbs refer to receiving money from your work. Another way to obtain money is to inherit money – receive money from a family member or friend after that person dies. If the person was very…

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  • Business Collocation

    Collocation about Business If you don’t want to work for someone else, you can go into business for yourself. You can set up a company (establish a company) in an industry that interests you – of course, it’s always good to do market research (investigate the market), to determine if…

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  • Work Collocations

    Collocation of Work Depending on the company, the internship could lead to an opportunity to get an entry-level job (a job that doesn’t require much skill or experience) at the same company. Although you might be earning minimum wage (the minimum salary required by law), if you do excellent work…

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  • Sports Collocation

    Collocations about Sports With the team sports, we can use the word game or match: a soccer game, a basketball game, a tennis match, etc. You can win the game, lose the game, or tie the game – that’s when the final score is 1-1 or 2-2, for example. A…

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  • Music Collocation

    Collocations about Music My older brother Alex is very musically gifted (he has a natural talent for music). He can play tunes from memory, without looking at sheet music (musical notation written on paper). He spends all his free time strumming a guitar (playing a guitar), composing music (creating music),…

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  • Books & Movies Collocations

    Collocations related to Books & Movies My brother is a huge fan of movies. When he sees a movie trailer (a short video offering a preview of the movie), he counts down the days until the movie comes out (movie released) on opening night – that’s the first day a…

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  • Food /Eating Habits Collocation

    Collocation about Food /Eating habits My mother radically changed her eating habits a few years ago. In the past, she ate a lot of junk food (food that is not nutritious/healthy) and was overweight. Sometimes she would try to go on a diet (eat less food and healthier food), but…

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  • Feelings Collocation

    Collocations of Feelings I experienced a roller coaster of emotions (many different emotions one after another) when my son was born. During my wife’s pregnancy, I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of becoming a dad. On the big day, I’d imagined that everything would go smoothly and we’d be…

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  • Behavior Collocation

    Collocations Related to Behavior When I was a teenager, I was painfully shy (extremely shy). I loved reading books, and I had a vivid imagination (had a creative and colorful imagination). My best friend had a more outgoing personality (she liked to be friendly and sociable) and a good sense…

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  • Appearance Collocation

    Collocations Related to Appearance My best friend Joanna is absolutely gorgeous -extremely beautiful. She has long, sleek, jet-black hair (sleek = smooth and straight, jet-black = perfectly black), pale blue eyes (pale = light color), and a radiant complexion (skin that appears healthy and full of energy). People always compliment…

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