Tactics for Listening

The Tactics for Listening book collection is one of the best and most fascinating books published to enhance listening skills. This collection has three levels: Basic, Developing, and Expanding, published by Oxford Publications and emphasizing the American English dialect.

Each book in the Tactics for Listening series has 24 lessons, each of which deals with everyday topics such as transportation, neighbors, jobs, entertainment, movies.. At the end of each level student book you can see the important words used in the book by lesson.

You can download the third edition of student books with its audio files, worksheets and teacher books of all three levels Basic, Developing, Expanding for free from the site.

Password of all files:

Note: alwaysielts does not host any books by itself. These are the links over www where you can download them. Comment if the link does not work.

Download Button Below

Download PDF file of Student Book from Basic level (Size: 45 MB)

Download Basic Level Student Book audio files (Size: 112 MB)

Download this level exercise book – Worksheets (Size: 24 MB)

Download PDF file of Teachers Book from Basic level (Size: 3 MB)

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