Scoring: Happiness is considered very important in life, 6.5

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Happiness depends upon life and somehow life also depends upon happiness too. Happiness is something we create for ourselves it is rather better to prove practicall rather than theoritically. This essay will discuss about hapliness importance and its importance.

Happiness is just like a dictionary in which every word inside it is just a different ideas and view of people on it. Different people have their own way of being happy. Although, it is the same word, the difference is quite huge. Defining being happy within a few words is indeed a tough task. It’s a expression, feeling and even a sorrow to someone. Being happy after winning a lottery and reunion with family after long time is different kind of happiness. The reasonsof being happy changes with time because of that it even become difficult for an individual to their own joy.

It is believed that if one person has acquired happiness they succeed in thir life and to gain these successful life few factors matters such as satisfaction and hard work. Nothing come if we donot give something. Happiness comes from hardwork for example : studying hard and getting a top tier job and living your dream life is a part of your happy life. Another most important factor is satisafaction,you will never be happy if you are not satisfied with what you have. If we loose focus in these factors as well other factors we might be cause of own catastrophe.

In conclusion, different way of describing and different way of acquiring happiness but still it is the most important part of our life and no one will deny it. This essay discussed about happiness importance and its imlortance. In my opinion happiness is never something we came along while we were born. We write our fate and happiness by ourselves enjoy and get satisfied it.

Words: 309

Band Score: 6.06.5

Task Response: 7.0

  • addresses all parts of the task (the author has written more than 250 words, and give an adequate answer to the topic question in both her introduction and conclusion)
  • presents a clear position of the essay- first paragraph talks about why and the second about what factors
  • Established paragraphs with relevant and supported ideas (each paragraph is started with a topic sentence, then followed by shreds of evidence and examples), however, the supporting ideas lack focus sometimes: Nothing comes if we donot give something

Coherence and Cohesion: 6.5

  • sequences information and ideas logically with clear progression
  • tries to manage all aspects of cohesion but with very few connective words. Lacks mechanical cohesion between sentences
  • uses paragraphing appropriately
  • No referncing at all is seen

Lexical Resource: 6.0

  • uses a adequate range of vocabulary
  • Lacks a control of lexical features; practical rather than theoritically, repitition of words,

Grammatical Range and Accuracy: 5

  • uses only a limited range of structures
  • attempts complex sentences but these
  • tend to be less accurate than simple sentences
  • makes frequent grammatical errors with faulty punctuation
  • cause some difficulty for the reader to flow with the theme

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