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IELTS Essay Collection of 2021

IELTS Essay Topics 2021 will help you to stay up-to-date and be aware of the range of possible topics and prepare them all. 

Art and the Arts:

  • importance of the arts for society.
  • supporting the arts – government funding.
  • theatre and live events.
  • freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
  • children learning art.
  • museums and galleries – importance.

Business and Consumerism:

  • local business vs international businesses.
  • supporting local businesses – buying local produce.
  • business skills – important skills/learning skills.
  • family run businesses.
  • buying goods or saving money.
  • the power of advertising in business.
  • shopping online.
  • businesses supporting local communities.


  • how online communication has changed our lives.
  • are people becoming more isolated because of only meeting online.
  • face to face or online communication.
  • pros and cons of meeting people online.
  • has the internet brought people closer or not.

Crime & Punishment:

  • how to stop criminals re-offending.
  • fixed punishment for one crime or not.
  • children – should parents be punished for their children’s crime.
  • prison or rehabilitation.


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