IELTS Vocabulary for Environment

  1. Wipe Out: Eliminate
  2. Use up: Use until nothing is left
  3. Spread out: Cover a large area
  4. Scale down: Reduce the quality/quantity
  5. Dispose off: Get rid off
  6. Phase out: Stop gradually
  7. to die out: see to become extinct
  8. endangered species: categories of animals or plants that are in danger of becoming extinct
  9. exhaust fumes: the toxic gases given off by vehicles powered by petrol
  10. flash floods: floods that happen quickly
  11. fossil fuels: energy resources like gas and oil that are produced deep below the ground over millions of years
  12. to get back to nature: to live a life that is closer to nature
  13. global warming: the increasing temperature of the world brought about by gases such as carbon dioxide
  14. humanitarian aid: the act of showing support to people struggling to survive
  15. impact on: the effect on
  16. genetically modified: changed from usual using genes
  17. Contaminated: Polluted
  18. Toxic Waste: harmful waste
  19. Quarintine: a place of isolation where contageous disese is treated
  20. Biodegradable: decomposable
  21. Green Belt: an area of open land around a city, on which building is restricted.
  22. Ecosystem: a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.
  23. the natural world: the world of nature
  24. oil spill: waste usually deposited in the seas and oceans after an accident at sea
  25. poaching: to hunt and kill wild animals illegally
  26. pressure group: a group of people who try to raise awareness of issues and try to affect the views and actions of people and organisations
  27. toxic waste: poisonous, unwanted rubbish often produced by industrial processes
  28. wildlife conservation: to protect animals and plants and their habitats

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