Writing Task 2

Cohesive devices | IELTS Writing

► Sometimes less is more! This article will focus on giving advice and exercises to help you use cohesive devices correctly. …

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Band 9: In many countries athletes earn much more money than professional like doctor, teachers or engineers.

There are split opinions regarding player-earned income in developed nations. some believe doctors, engineers and teachers are underpaid whereas athletes…

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Some people think climate change has a negative impact on business, while others think that it provides more business options.

Sample Band 7: It is believed by some that climate change is detrimental for companies, whereas others believe that climate…

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Do you know where you are going: Plan before you Write

One thing I always tell my IELTS students is that, during the test, they must set aside at least 5…

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Analysis Of An Academic Task 2 IELTS Essay: Part 1 of 2

To achieve a level 7 or above grade, it is important to be able to edit your own work, and…

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How to write introduction in IELTS Writing Task 2

Many individuals who utilize our writing service often begin their writing with expressions such as: “This essay will discuss…” “In…

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When choosing a job, what matters the most? Salary or Other

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration for many. Others, however, prefer different other aspects of…

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Corrected Essay, Band 6.5, Newspaper of Online News?

Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most importantsource of news for the…

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Mastering IELTS Writing: The Power of Examples in Essays

Your IELTS Writing Task 2 , needs to be armed with a superhero’s secret weapon: the “example-led paragraph.” Let’s examine…

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Why are you stuck at Band 6.5?

The most important IELTS questions – why are so many students stuck at a 6.5 for IELTS writing? Is it…

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