Reading Practice Test

IELTS General Reading Mock Test 31

SECTION 1 Read the text below and answer Questions 1-7. Visitor attractions in southern England A Blackthorn Castle This famous,…

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IELTS Academic Reading Test 6

Download the Test IELTS Reading Test 6 Sheet Glass Manufacture: the Float Process Glass, which has been made since the…

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Alice Edu: ielts writing test 107

ielts writing test 107 Task 1: The diagram below shows how instant noodles are manufactured. Summarize the information by selecting…

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IELTS Academic Reading Mock Test 205

IELTS-Academic-Reading-Test-205Download A song on the brain A Everyone knows the situation where you can’t get a song out of your…

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IELTS Academic Reading Mock Test 207

IELTS-READING-TEST-207Download Passage 1 Sustainable architecture – lessons from the ant Africa owes its termite mounds a lot. Trees and shrubs…

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IELTS Reading Mock Test 206

IELTS-Academic-READING-TEST-206Download Green virtues of green sand A For the past 100 years special high grade white sand dug from the…

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Recent Reading Exam Question, 19 Aug, 2023

“Classifying Societies”  Although humans have established many types of societies throughout history, sociologists and anthropologists tend to classify different societies…

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IELTS Reading Test 226

Download the Test Why we need to protect polar bears Polar bears are being increasingly threatened by the effects of…

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IELTS Reading Test 228

IELTS-READING-TEST-228Download Roman shipbuilding and navigation Shipbuilding today is based on science and ships are built using computers and sophisticated tools.…

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IELTS Reading Academic Test 229

Download pdf Roman tunnels The Persians, who lived in present-day Iran, were one of the first civilizations to build tunnels…

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