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Task 2 Essay: International Tourism

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Many countries see that tourism is one of the most impactful sectors for one's country income. However, some believe that due to different values between one country to another, it often creates a disruption rather than a positive impact on local people. In my opinion, although it is true sometimes foreign people react badly towards the local community, on the other hand they also create a lot of opportunity for the locals.

To begin with, one of the major problems related to multinational tourism is that foreigners do not always get along with the native community. The differences in the wealth of one's country may lead to a different perspective and attitude. Take my country Indonesia as an example. Indonesia up until now is still considered a developing country, therefore many Indonesian are living below their desired level of life quality. This condition may be resulting in low opinion from the tourist that comes from a more developed country, and it possibly leading to certain dishonour gestures towards local people. Thus, a gap in economic conditions between a country could impact the way people interact.

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