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IELTS Essay Topics for 2021

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Below is a list of predicted IELTS essay topics for Writing Task 2 based on topics that have appeared recently, current world events and common topics that frequently appear in IELTS essays. Both GT and Academic IELTS candidates should prepare all topics from this list.

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  1. Tips for Preparing Essays
  2. Essay Topics 2021 List
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IELTS Essay Topics – Preparing Ideas

  • Be aware of the range of possible topics and prepare them all. Be aware of current world issues – IELTS likes to stay up-to-date.
  • Prepare strong main ideas for all topics. Main ideas should be ones you can easily explain and develop.
  • Prepare supporting points. These make up the supporting sentences in your body paragraphs. The examiner will mark these carefully.
  • Practice planning paragraphing and links. See these pages:  paragraphing and Linking Words for Essays
  • Getting ideas for topics
    • Source ideas in model essays online by google topics. You can find some model essays and free tips on this site. Click here: Free Model Essays etc
    • IDEAS E-BOOK. I wrote an e-book covering 150 essay topics with ideas and vocabulary. Get that if you need the help. Visit my store: Liz’s Ideas E-book
  • Target 7 and above. If you need more help reaching your goal for IELTS writing, I have Advanced Writing Task 2 Lessons in my online store: Liz’s Store.

IELTS Essay Topics for 2021

Below is a list of predicted IELTS writing task 2 topics for 2021. The predictions are based on recurring essay topics, recent topics and world events which are all important in IELTS essay questions. The topics are not written as full IELTS essay questions, they are written as topics without the instructions. GT and Academic candidates should prepare all topics – even if you don’t get them in Writing Task 2, you might get them in Speaking Part 3. I’ve highlighted interesting essay topics for 2021 that are based on recent world issues that you might struggle with if you don’t prepare for them. Also note, topics change with each test, on one test day there can be a number of essay questions used, and essay topics are often recycled.

  1. Art and the Arts
    • importance of the arts for society
    • supporting the arts – government funding
    • theatre and live events
    • freedom of speech and freedom of expression
    • children learning art
    • museums and galleries – importance
  2. Business and Consumerism
    • local business vs international businesses
    • supporting local businesses – buying local produce
    • business skills – important skills / learning skills
    • family run businesses
    • buying goods or saving money
    • the power of advertising in business
    • shopping online
    • businesses supporting local communities

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